Note from Oliver Davis

When one really gets down to the heart of the matter regarding the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC) in the New Carlisle, Indiana/Olive Township areas, which is located in the St. Joseph County (Indiana) Commissioner District #2 Area, the answers to this matter are found in the way that one sees the world.

Many who are in the St. Joseph County (Indiana) Leadership Team, see the farmland in this area of our county as land that they can develop for future businesses such as the IEC. They desire to bring in larger businesses to this area and to ultimately change its country style living. Thus, the westside farmland area of our St. Joseph County Commissioner District #2 area is under attack and your voices and votes are needed.

To others like me who grew up in a farmland area, I see the beauty and the honor of preserving farmland, country living, and having small and well planned business developments which are already allowed in the 2002 St. Joseph County Comprehensive Plan.

Thus, we have to do all we can to preserve our ideas against those who see the world in a different way than we do. Be not fooled! Craftedly, some who are now saying that they believe in fighting against the IEC, may not really see the world in like fashion as they say that they do. This leads us to have to study, to know, and to focus on a person's actions over the years when it comes to preserving farmland, greenspace, park land, and other natural resource matters.

We must truly focus on how they see the world and not just get caught up in their words, connections, and power when it comes to deciding on these important decisions about the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC).

Be Encouraged and Continue to Speak Up for the Way in which We See the World as it relates to the Farmland in the St. Joseph County Commissioner District 2 Area.

Speaking Up Together With You Against the IEC,

Oliver Davis Candidate for St. Joseph County Commissioner, District 2

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