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The rezoning to Industrial of 733 acres north of SR2, Willow to Larrison, could happen as soon as September 8th. At the time of this writing, only the ring leaders really know for sure.

By the time this Gazette is published, the County Council agenda may be posted at Scroll down to “County Council”, “Sept 8, 2020” and click the date or the download arrow at the right-side, this should open the Agenda.

If the rezoning hearing is scheduled it will probably be listed as Bill No. 27-20 and Bill No. 33-20.

The Council meetings usually start at 6pm. The physical location is usually on the 4th floor of the County/City Building. If you are able, attending in person makes the biggest impact.

Those wishing to speak to the Council about a specific agenda item are usually allowed 3 minutes privilege of the floor, prior to the vote. The more speakers, the bigger the impact; but in person audience attendance also makes a supporting statement.

Those not able to attend may be able to watch or listen via Zoom (if Governor Holcomb does not extend the current COVID19 order on September 4, then only in person comments will be allowed, although this is highly unlikely). A link and instructions on how to connect is usually provided near the top of the 1st page. A smartphone can provide simple Zoom access if you do not have access to a computer. Zoom attendee’s 3-minute comments are also allowed via Zoom prior to the vote on each agenda item.

This sounds complicated but it really is not. I am a computer/smart phone dummy and was able to do it on the first try.

Just click the blue link near the top of the agenda page, then when the recorded voice asks for it, type in the Meeting ID then the Password numbers as instructed. A voice will then say “You are in the meeting”. You should mute your microphone until you are invited to speak.

If you don’t have a computer or smart phone, you can still dial-in and listen on any touch-tone telephone. Your attendance will be recorded via your phone number and be counted as a virtual attendee witnessing the meeting. But back to the reason for attendance. This will be the 3rd and final reading of the Bills and the vote will determine whether this land remains zoned Agricultural or is changed to Industrial.

It is crucial as to whether our neighborhoods become open to unspecified and potentially destructive development, truck traffic, air and water pollution.

Let us encourage our SJC Council representatives to stop this here and now. Then, maybe we can go forward with planned development that involves the input of all those concerned.

Bob Humbarger New Carlisle

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