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While the majority of us have been dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus, adjusting personal habits, trying to stay safe and keep a sense of humor regarding the impingement on our normal activity levels, there are those who've barely skipped a beat... County Development interests and the IEC contingent, for example.

Behind the scenes, in the days since the County Area Planning Commission unanimously shot down these rezoning requests (rezonings the Area Planning Commission realized did not reflect community wants or needs in any adequate fashion). IEC development interests have been in a full-court-press mode, counting on our isolation to cloak their dealings.

September 8th, our St. Joe County Council will take up the rezoning requests question, forwarded to the County Council by Area Planning with a negative recommendation.

In effect, the granting of these rezoning requests as they stand amount to handing development interests a 'blank check'. Next-To-No Community Participation Nor Oversight.

Unfortunately, with those same development interests, forging ahead as if their proposal had already been given the Green Light it needs. We need to mask up, distance up and head on down to the County-City Building on September 8th and tell our representatives, plain and simple: We Don't Want The IEC. Period.

PS - Raise a ruckus-virtually or in-person.

Jack Daly New Carlisle

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