Troop 664's New Eagle Scout Announcement

It is a rare occasion that a Boy Scout becomes an Eagle Scout. Since 1911, only 4% of Scouts have made it to Eagle Scout Rank.

Even fewer are the scouts with special needs. I have had the honor of working with one exceptional Scout who happens to also be autistic. He is a science whiz! You can ask him any tree, and he can identify it. He has a special interest in nature including fishing, birds, dogs, amphibians and reptiles. He is a gentle soul that loves all animals. He has had some struggles along the way but has worked hard to overcome many obstacles.

We are very proud to announce Michael Lichkay of Rolling Prairie, as Troop 664's new Eagle Scout! He has a long scouting history that I would like to share with you, so if you see him, be sure to congratulate him, as this is an amazing accomplishment!

He started 2007 in Cub Scouts with Pack 113, and moved on to Pack 350. In 2013, he became a Boy Scout with Troop 664.

Since becoming a Boy Scout, Michael has earned 48 Merit Badges including Dog Care, Art, Fingerprinting, Fishing, Mammal Study, Archaeology, Camping, First Aid, Forestry, Space Exploration, Automotive Maintenance, Cooking, Soil and Water Conservation, American Heritage, Citizenship in the Nation, Climbing, Rowing, Search and Rescue, Whitewater, Geology, Salesmanship, Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, Personal Fitness, Leatherwork, Entrepreneurship, Emergency Preparedness, Citizenship in the World, Disabilities Awareness, Swimming, Basketry, Bird Study, Kayaking, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Pets, Communications, Nature, Public Speaking, Crime Prevention, Welding, Collections, Personal Management, American Cultures, Exploration, Indian Lore, Nuclear Science, Weather, and Sustainability.

He has earned many special awards including, several Polar Bear Awards, The National Outdoor Achievement Award for Camping, Cyber Chip, Kayaking Award, Paul Bunyan Award, Firem'n Chit, Totin' Chip, and The World Conservation Award! He is also a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.

Michael also has an amazing attendance record not only for meetings, merit badge fairs and camp-outs but also for service projects and fundraising events. He also enjoys attending Holy Family Church with his family every Sunday. He has been camping all over the country, climbed and repelled towers and cliffs, caught huge fish in Lake Michigan, visited National Monuments, learned survival skills, slept under the stars, taught other scouts about nature and made many new friends!

For his Eagle Scout project he directed a crew in the construction and painting of 30 birdhouses for the town park and trails in New Carlisle.

Michael has been a joy to work with and we are all so proud of him and his accomplishments! Congratulations Eagle Scout all your hard work has paid off!

Well Done!

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