There is a Better Way

On September 8, the County Council is expected to vote on the rezoning of 733 acres of farmland just outside of New Carlisle.

Currently, this request has no stated purpose, no site plan, no benefit to the people. It is pure land speculation. No jobs have been promised, no corporations announced, maybe politicians and developers know, but not the people. If the Council votes yes, it will set a precedent for unbridled, at will rezoning of almost 22,000 acres. Industrial development in this area of the county is targeted by the Division of Economic Development because of the abundant natural resources and infrastructure. What goes unsaid is that this land, this ecosystem, already supports the first large format industry, agriculture, and has been doing so for generations.

There is a better way. On August 25th, Ryan Fellows of the Area Plan Commission told the Council Committee that “he’d like to see a public input session ‘designing the perfect enterprise zoning district’ where community members could reach consensus on acceptable industrial uses for the area.” (Mary Beth Spalding, South Bend Tribune article of 8-26-2020)

Protect your family’s future to live the life you want, not one designed by industrial developers. Support the development of a land use plan that involves you. To do so, turn out to the meeting on the 8th and demonstrate your opposition to this rezoning. You will not get a second chance.

If you cannot make it in person, call or email the County Council at 574-235-9658, (before attending the meeting double check the Agenda just in case the County pulls the requests)

Amy Radcliff New Carlisle

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