Community Food Pantry of New Carlisle

What do you know about the Community Food Pantry of New Carlisle? If your answer is “not much,” please read on! The Community Food Pantry of New Carlisle is located inside the United Methodist Church at 300 Compton Street. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is run solely by volunteers, and Director Stephen Mott who has been in that position since January 2020.

The Food Pantry is open every Friday from 10 am to noon. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Food Pantry offers drive through service only. Here’s how it works:

1. Drive into the parking lot in back of the Methodist Church and turn right, into the front of the lot, facing north toward the exit. 2. A volunteer will ask to see a valid driver’s license and ask the number of adults and children in your household. 3. Pre-packed boxes will be brought to your car and placed in the trunk. (If you want them inside your car you will be asked to load them yourself.)

Are you or people you know mis-informed about the Community Food Pantry? It’s time to bust some myths!

Myth #1: You must be unemployed to come to the Community Food Pantry. NOT TRUE! Every LaPorte or St. Joseph County resident in need is eligible for services and may come to the Food Pantry every other week. While some pantries restrict visits due to volume of clientele and availability of food, you are welcome to visit multiple pantries to ensure that your needs are met. Food pantries do not share the names of people who visit, and there is no overall count of the number of agencies any one neighbor may visit in a given month.

Myth #2: The Community Food Pantry gives out only unhealthy food. NOT TRUE! Food pantries provide perishable and non-perishable foods including dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, canned goods, dried goods, frozen meats, and more. The Community Food Pantry’s mission is to improve overall health by providing fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, pasta, rice, bread, cheese and low sodium items.

Myth #3: The Community Food Pantry receives all funding and food from the government. NOT TRUE! All funding comes from donations made by local businesses and individuals in the community. CFP accepts food donations as well as monetary donations. Monetary donations are used to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, and other food items. Monetary donations can be directed to: Community Food Pantry of New Carlisle, PO. Box 135, New Carlisle, IN 46552.

Myth #4: People who go to food pantries have too many kids. NOT TRUE! Most families seeking assistance consist of 2-3 people. The mean household size is 3 individuals; only 3% of households using the Community Food Pantry have more than six members.

Myth #5: You’ll be looked down upon if you visit the Food Pantry. NOT TRUE! There are as many reasons for people to visit the food pantry as there are people. Everyone faces unexpected expenses and situations. Many people are unable to work due to illness or disability, transportation issues, etc. And of course everyone’s lives have been changed in many ways by the Covid-19 pandemic. We invite all in need to visit the Community Food Pantry and to encourage people you know to do the same—No Judgment!

The Little Free Pantry

The New Carlisle Community Food Pantry announces The Little Free Pantry, providing another way to help people in need and make donations! Little pantries, which get their name from the popular Little Free Library concept—allow neighbors to give or take food as needed—at no charge. Filled by the NC Community Food Pantry as well as local citizens, The Little Free Pantry is stocked with non-perishable foods. Those in need are encouraged to come by and take what they can use. The idea came from Stephen Mott, Director of the NC Community Food Pantry, who had seen the Little Pantries in LaPorte. He was able to borrow the blueprint from the LaPorte Pantry and in a very short time he built New Carlisle’s first “LFP.” “If you need anything, please help yourself,’’ said Stephen. “If there’s something you want to donate, please do so. The need is really great."

“The Little Free Pantry” is located at 102 North Jon Street in New Carlisle, the home of the Community Reserve Inventory Building.

For more information on the Community Food Pantry or the Little Free Pantry, please call the United Methodist Church at 574-654-7442.

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