Researching Stockton Family History in New Carlisle

The man on the left is my great grand-father, George Washington Stockton. He was born in New Jersey in 1842 and served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

He moved to New Carlisle sometime after the war, but I don’t know what year.

He married a lady named Anna Maria Logan (possibly from New Carlisle) and they had 7 children: Nellie M. Stockton, 1866; Harry E. Stockton, 1867; Edward Stockton, 1869; George W. Stockton (my Grandfather), 1870; Olive Maude Stockton, 1876; Jerry Norval Stockton, 1879; and Anna Laura Stockton, 1884.

The only one of the children I know anything about is my Grandfather, George W. Stockton who married a lady from Three Oaks named Mary L. Salters.

My understanding is that there was a major split in the family and I believe it centered around George Washington Stockton. I know that when growing up in the 1950’s – 60’s in New Carlisle, there were at least a couple families in town with the same last name but know nothing about them.

If you know anything about history of a Stockton family in New Carlisle, I would like to hear from you to try to piece together whatever occurred well over 100 years ago. Please contact me.

Back to the photo. I believe it was taken near the elevator/train depot just north of The Old Republic. I don’t know the year but since my great grandfather died in 1907, I would guess somewhere between 1890 and 1907. His death certificate states that his occupation was “laborer” and I believe he worked for the railroad.

I would also like to know who the others were in the picture. If you recognize any of them please pass the information along. Maybe we can put together a story to provide to Historic New Carlisle.

Bill Stockton can be reached at home 574-277-3308, on his cell phone 574-250-5900, or via email

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