Last Chance for Rural Life

Petitions have been filed with the St Joseph County’s - Area Plan Commission to rezone land from Agricultural to Industrial zoning, south of the existing IN/Tec industrial area. According to Mr Schalliol, a couple more industrial rezoning petitions are pending, bringing the total to more than 2,150 acres. If approved, this would result in 4,350 acres of industrial zoning, from the US-20 to ½ mile south of SR 2, and from Willow Road east to Larrison (except for just 127 acres of holdout agricultural landowners surrounded by industry).

If this Industrial rezoning is approved, how will officials protect residents from onerous development?

There isn’t a good reason to lose this land-use zoning protection right now. If the time comes that it needs to be rezoned, it can be done at a later date when the County is more transparent about the outcome.

Zoning is the last line of defense against unwanted development. Once land is rezoned to Industrial, we could be faced with another car shredder or, even worse, another Tondu. Area Plan Commission is scheduled to have a public hearing on the rezoning petitions on June 16th, if COVID-19 assembly restrictions allow. The County Council will have the final say, which could be at their following meeting in July.

Don’t be asleep at the switch, now is your chance. Voice your opinions to the APC and later the County Council or forever live with the industrial consequences.

Attend the public hearing to voice your opinion on the fourth floor of the County/City Building. If you have questions about procedure call APC staff at 574 235 7800. Send any written opinions via Email to, or write to:

Area Plan Commission

227 W Jefferson Boulevard

County/City Building, 11th Floor

South Bend, IN 46601

Bob Humbarger

New Carlisle

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