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Let’s give our graduates a special Diploma…

Graduation Diplomas 40 Fajita sized flour tortillas 4- 8 oz. pkgs of softened cream cheese 4- 8 oz. pkgs of sliced beef, diced 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 3 bunches green onions, chopped small Accent seasoning

Mix all ingredients, except tortillas, together to make a filling. Or use your favorite Pinwheel filling recipe. Make sure that all ingredients are chopped very fine.

Spread desired amount of filling onto each tortilla, just as if you were making pinwheels. Roll up tortilla - DO NOT CUT

Tie a 6-8 inch length of colored ribbon (that matches your graduate’s color scheme) around the middle of the rolled up tortilla to look like a diploma!

Etc — Make Rolo candies graduation hats for favors - Cut small pieces of black construction paper into squares to be placed on top of the Rolos. Unwrap a few Rolos, using the wrapping to make small gold balls. Cut ribbon to match the graduate’s school colors. With a glue gun, adhere the construction square to the top of the Rolo, place the ribbon on top of the construction paper by adhering the small gold balls to it. Congratulations to all of our local graduates!

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