Hope's Good

Seriously, how can any of us live our lives without hope? Someone has said, “We can live forty days without food, eight days without water, four minutes without air, but only a few seconds without hope.”

Give humanity hope and it will dare and it will suffer much. One theologian said, “Hope is the parent of faith.” Wait a minute, that might have been the author of Hebrews—Faith is the assurance of things hoped for…(Hebrews 11:1) In the midst of COVID-19, I personally believe that our media outlets have failed miserably, fostering more fear than hope. Starting each evening’s broadcast with the current death count and with reporters wearing face-masks and portraying their “we’re all gonna die” somber countenance, has not given people a whole lot of hope.

There have been some bright rays of sunshine through all of this, however. Like actor John Krasinski putting together his own broadcasts from his home, SGN (“Some Good News”) highlighting some pretty cool things happening around the world, especially people doing cool stuff for each other.

You know, stuff like being kind and helping one another. Birthday parades and teacher caravans past homes, virtual church services and graduation ceremonies online, teachers going above and beyond for their students, people picking up groceries for the elderly or sick, individuals donating their government stimulus checks to others in need, and so much more.

This past few weeks in a many areas, there have been a number of military flyovers to express appreciation and thanks to all the health-care and essential workers who have ministered beyond what has been normally expected of them.

One friend of mine expressed displeasure over the expense of such “idiocy” when we could use that money for something important. Know what? Spreading hope is pretty important.

Hope is that extraordinary grace that God gives us to control our fears. Martin Luther said, “Everything done in the world is done by hope.” I think the little kid in that old McDonald's commercial years ago said it best—“HOPE’S GOOD!!”

O LORD, my God, when the storm is loud, and the night is dark, and the soul is sad, and the heart oppressed; then, as a weary traveler, may I look to you; and beholding the light of Your love, may it bear me on, until I learn to sing Your song in the night. Amen. (The Little Book of Prayers by George Dawson )

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