New Eagle Scout for Troop 664

New Carlisle Troop 664 is excited to announce Beau Brasseur has fulfilled all requirements and successfully passed his Board of Review for Eagle Scout.

Beau has earned 90 merit badges (so far) and several special awards including Emergency Preparedness, Cyber Chip, Firem'n Chit, The Kayaking Award, National Outdoor Achievement Award for Camping, National Outdoor Achievement Award for Conservation, 4 Nova Awards: Designed to Crunch, Let It Grow, Shoot, and Start Your Engines, The World Conservation Award, The Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award, Recruiter, A Religious Knot Award for Ad Altare Dei, President's Active Lifestyle Award, and Totin' Chip.

He has contributed over 221 hours to the community doing community service projects, in addition to his Eagle Project. His "Eagle Trail" behind Olive Elementary School that connects Edge of the Woods subdivision to Bourissa Hills Park. That project alone was over 1200 hours.

He has 66 Camping Nights and 10 of them were below 32 degrees, and for those he has earned Polar Bear Awards. He has had leadership roles for 1623 of the 1691 days he was with the troop.

He has hiked 130 miles, and he is also a Brotherhood Member of The Order of the Arrow.

He has learned a lot and pushed himself along the way while having so much fun. He took swimming lessons in order to pass the swim test and earn his swimming merit badge. He has learned about other religions, economies, ecosystems and cultures, in the community, state, nation and world. He learned about medicine, public health, fire safety, first aid, emergency preparedness, CPR, and even pet CPR. He has learned to earn money, plan a budget and finish projects. He learned to weld, wire electricity, fix broken pipes, faucets and toilets, blacksmith knives and tools, shoot a bow, shoot a rifle, and throw tomahawks.

He spent many hours playing Ultimate on the athletic field at Camp Tamarack. He drafts, makes models, engineers new creations and 3D prints things. He spent lots of hours selling popcorn door to door not only to fund his adventures, but also to fund his education. He sold so much, he earned himself a scholarship! He spent the night in a cave, mined gemstones, dug up dinosaur bones, kayaked, built rockets and robots and friendships. He learned about soil and water conservation and helped with the conservation club's pheasants. He has learned all about big trucks, automobile maintenance, trains and planes. He learned chess, made creative art projects, paintings, pottery, and hand made a leather wallet, moccasins and a sheath, grew gardens, planted trees, explored nature, studied all sorts of plant and animal biology, white water rafted and even was brave enough to sing in front of people! He zip lined off a cliff over a beautiful blue lake. He has slept out under the stars in a shelter he built and cooked his own food over a fire he made with pocket lint and a piece of flint. He has marched in parades, sewn on badges, and ironed his own uniform. He has shared his knowledge with other scouts and he taught me a lot along the way, like how to geocache and be brave enough to achieve my own personal goals.

He is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent. He is an Eagle Scout.

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