New Carlisle Volunteer Firefighters: We are still here

Our town and surrounding communities are very fortunate to be served by a fire department and ambulance service that is now staffed 24 hours a day. After years of planning, debate, and implementation, the New Carlisle Fire Department began full time operation January 1st. The department now includes an advanced life saving (ALS) certified ambulance, a huge improvement in patient care for our residents. The station is also now staffed by full time firefighters.

However, the members of the New Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department want everyone to know that we are still here. We are still ready to answer the call.

Our volunteer members have families and full time jobs. Over the last 10 years our 911 call volume has increased from 300 calls a year, to over 800 calls a year. Because of more stringent state required training requirements it is harder to recruit and train new members. Our volunteer firefighters were being stretched thin, which resulted in the formation of the new fire territory, now known as The New Carlisle Fire Department.

The Volunteer Department continues to operate, train, and respond to 911 dispatched calls. But now we are only called out to respond to calls that the full time firefighters need assistance with. Multiple medical calls at the same time, vehicle accidents, and structure fires are examples of 911 calls that will require our volunteer firefighters to be called out to provide an adequate emergency response.

The New Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department is still here, just as it has been for 140 years. Our members are dedicated to carrying on the same tradition and dedication to our community that the hundreds of firefighters that came before us had. We look forward to working and training alongside our fellow New Carlisle Firefighters and Paramedics so that we are ready to answer the call.

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