The Time Is Now

For some time now, I've attempted to attend as many of the various meetings being held locally, regarding the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC) and its push towards many as I possibly can. No mean feat, considering inconvenient scheduling times and the daunting number of them.

So I'm aware of how 'weighty' a request for participation in this protest process can feel...but Change Is Coming Our Way. Period. End of Sentence.

The pivotal question is - Do you want to steer the coming changes in a more positive and life-enhancing direction than the destructive one that our County Development interests foresee for us? Or do you prefer to remain on the sidelines and have those more destructive changes imposed upon you?

I am asking "Who will join us ?"

Who will summon up the energy needed to attend a County Council Tuesday-Nighter?...or maybe an afternoon with Area Planning?...or coming out and joining the Redevelopment Commission as they plan millions of dollars in expenditures for the coming year? All of these groups I mentioned hold your future in their hands.

The thing is, if you Go, then sometimes you can a citizen you are occasionally allowed to stand up and say NO to this push to industrialize Western Saint Joseph County and destroy New Carlisle's Quality Of Life in the process.

Jack Daly New Carlisle

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