Good News from New Prairie High School

• The agriculture program at the high school is moving forward. The greenhouse has been loaded with cuttings and a plant sale is being planned. The Advanced Life Science – Plants and Soils class has done all of the work to get the greenhouse up and running. The animal science class is working on the body systems involved in fight or flight reaction and the Intro to Agriculture, Foods and Natural Resources class just finished doing water quality tests on local lake and stream waters.

• On January 28th, New Prairie High School Seniors were able to get up close and personal with a production of Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier. This is the fourth year New Prairie High School has attended a production at the venue.

One of Shakespeare’s more light-hearted works, A Comedy of Errors, brought laughter and enjoyment to the group. A zany story of mistaken identity and mishaps was a sure hit with the young crowd in attendance from start to finish. Presented true to the style of Shakespeare, the audience had no choice but to be directly involved in the production. This experience allowed the students to not only take in the words of Shakespeare, it gave them the opportunity to see how different directors choose to portray an author’s work and get their questions answered by the actors who put on the production.

We are already looking forward to next year’s trip!

• The New Prairie Alternative Education Class went to the Pax Center in La Porte to volunteer and help serve the community a meal this Monday. They did a great job giving back to their community.

• Students are learning about diffusion and osmosis. They placed an egg in vinegar to dissolve the shell. They then placed the egg in salt to see what would happen.

The next day they wrote down their observations and weighed their eggs. The following day they placed the egg back in regular H2O, again wrote down their observations and weights.

• Mrs. Van Goey is celebrating creativity with her students in Interactive Media. Students take turns gathering pictures, creating skits, filming positive yet humorous messages, and creating animations using some very sophisticated equipment.

Right now students are working on sending a positive message to the student body regarding the dangers of the vaping trend. Students are asked to participate in a variety of acting and staging techniques as well as work on the technical aspect of creating videos, informational broadcasts, and video montages. Students have a GREAT time learning in this class!

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