Don't Be Asleep at the Switch

In the past few years, the St. Joseph County non-elected officials and their elected enablers have pushed their megaplex industrial expansion on us, basically because most of us were asleep at the switch.

This megaplex is the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC) in Olive Township. Thanks to a few very dedicated volunteers, the tide seems to be turning. But it is far from a done deal and only public pressure from all of those opposed to the expansion and the wasteful use of TIF funds can rein it in.

Last year’s $797,000 purchase of the 21 acres at the southeast corner of Indiana Highway 2 and Willow Road, last month’s $413,500 purchase of the former trailer park on US 20, and the pending purchase of 120 acres east of the County Highway Garage on Snowberry are just some of the folly. Not only is this a waste of scarce funds, but it also takes these properties off the tax rolls. Consequently, it either increases the taxes all of the rest of us have to pay, or results in a reduction of other government services.

Some potential allied County officials have said that they are waiting to take action to rein in the IEC until they hear from those who live in the area.

By the time that this letter is published, the New Carlisle Town Council will have likely settled on their new letter to the St. Joseph County officials stating their opposition to the Indiana Economic Center expansion.

That leaves the Olive Township board of trustees. What will they do? You can find out at their meeting next Monday 2/10/20 at 7:00 pm at the New Carlisle Fire Station. Your voice is needed. If you can’t come to the meeting, give them a call at 574 654 3231.

Robert Humbarger New Carlisle

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