Good News from NPHS

• Mrs. Soos’s Algebra I students work in groups to convert equations into various forms. Rather than traditional pencil and paper, students match up gift tags to presents.

• New Prairie High School Spanish I students study their new vocabulary terms with a fun Quizlet game. They have learned over 120 Spanish vocabulary words for the first semester of school in Spanish!

• We have some awesome student athletes! Wrigley Hemphill does a fantastic job singing the National Anthem prior to swim meets. The relay team of Wrigley Hemphill, Neiman Graham, Mason Young and Dalton Thomas set a new school record in the 200 Medley Relay.

• Students are using their iPads to graph systems of inequalities. The iPads allow for easy identification of answers with the shading and use of colors. Students have done a great job!

• In Cougar Mentor, Mr. Whitenack's, Mr. Dailey's, and Mrs. Lower's classes participated in some lighthearted yet competitive volleyball. Students were having fun and building relationships in a relaxed environment.

• Mr. Bolakowski's Computer Science I class began working with Self Driving Vehicles (SDVs). They started the unit learning how to iterative (loop) through code in different ways to control the SDV. This will eventually build to them teaching the SDV to drive on its own based on colors it sees with the built-in vision sensor.

• Our 2020 New Prairie High School yearbook is halfway complete! The staff is energized and looking forward to sharing the book with the public. Editors Jacob Wood and Abby Rowe set a high standard for a more modern looking yearbook this year. Our theme is “Verve.”

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