Good News from New Prairie High School

• The New Prairie High School Choral Department put on their annual winter concert in early December. Because of their hard work and dedication; they put on a wonderful show with diverse range of music.

• The following PCC students in Mr. Peterson's classes were certified in the 21st Century Success Skills Precision Exam:

Nicholas Bush, Mariah Smith, Myles Trinidad, Caleb Luther, Avery Mougin, Delanie Bonner, Liliana Henning, Kaylee Koloj, Beau Brasseur, Reed Tierney, Taylor Blackston, Ann Nelson, Cole Keller, Jasmine Elliott, Braden Varga, Dayton Scroggins, Jake Phillips, CJ Spite, Leah Williams, Emma White.

• Building Trades is going well. After a rough start with the ground work, we are catching up. The roof was finished recently and we are now inside and hopefully until Spring. Windows and doors are on the way. Good work from the students through the weather.

• Mrs. Brennan's students had a great time learning about Lord of the Flies when they completed a mock election for Island Chief.

Students grouped up to represent various characters from the book and created posters, commercial videos, and speeches to campaign for Island Chief. Using their knowledge of the text, they used rhetorical devices as well as relevant textual evidence to create a campaign that they shared with the rest of the class. After their speeches, they participated in a lively debate.

• Students in US History were collaborating to analyze a variety of primary source documents pertaining to the Spanish-American War and the growth of the United States as a result of this military conflict.

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