Community Church Welcomes New Pastor

Exciting news from the Community Church. We have a new Pastor!

The look on the exterior of the Church located at the corner of Michigan Street and Cherry street in New Carlisle is the same, but inside, there is a difference.

Pastor Rick (Richard) Jones re-charges the batteries of the congregation in a easy and comfortable manner in less than one hour. Rick comes to Church on Sunday morning in jeans and a plaid shirt and forms his message using the King James Bible. He will choose a special verse or word from that Bible and describes to his listeners how this can be helpful in our daily life. He explains the way something written thousands of years ago, has guidance for us now. He spent many years in a classroom and uses terms and words easy to understand, and does not use a microphone.

Rick and his wife Helen have lived in locations in La Porte County for most of their lives. Helen is delighting us with her expert piano playing. Rick and Helen both bring beautiful singing voices to the gathering which adds a blessing.

The Church building will soon be decorated for Christmas and a visit inside is an added treat. If you have not been in this wonderful historical treasure which has been in our town for 150 years, come visit and meet Rick and Helen. See for yourself. Services on Sunday start at 11 AM ( EST) and end at 12. There is a social time after services and everyone is welcome.

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