Christmas is for Kids

I must confess, I’m a Christmas junkie! I start shopping the day after Thanksgiving and begin watching Christmas movies the same evening. I have our tree up and outside decorations hung by the first week of December and I nag my wife to get the rest of the house decorations up ASAP.

So once again this year I find myself getting more and more excited as Christmas draws near. I know that I’m 75 years old; but Lord, cultivate the kid in me.

Frederick Beuchner writes, “When Jesus is asked who is the greatest in the kingdom, He reaches into the crowd and pulls a child with a cheek full of bubble gum (my personal translation) and eyes full of whatever a child’s eyes are full of and says that unless you are willing to become like that, don’t bother asking.”

From Jesus’ perspective it takes humility and wonder and the faith of a child to grasp what the kingdom of God is all about—childlike faith. And for those of us who think we are too grown up or cool for all that simple faith business, well, we’re missing the mark.

I keep asking the question to any who will listen, “What will it take for you to become a kid again?” Do you still possess that kid-like faith in the midst of a very pessimistic world? I’m very fortunate to have married a bride who has helped to keep the “magic” alive in me. All over the house at this time of year are signs and plaques and wood carvings that simply say, “BELIEVE!” And we do!! And I keep on praying, “Lord, I believe…Help me with my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24)

New Carlisle Community Church Christmas Eve Worship Tuesday, December 24 7:00 pm

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