Good News from New Prairie High School

• On Saturday, October 19, New Prairie High School robotics team members Sydney Meyers, Zach True, Chris Huhnke, and James Goodlink traveled to Armstrong Hall at Purdue University to present an informational session at the Purdue FIRST Forums.

The FIRST forums are an intensive one-day informational session involving the top two tiers of FIRST Robotics, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC).

The team was approached with the invitation to present roughly a month prior, so preparation time was somewhat limited. Speaking to a packed house in room 1028, the team members provided a brief history of New Prairie Robotics along with an accounting of the scouting methodology that has worked for the squad.

“I think we did a good job adapting what we do and making it work for our audience,” commented senior Zach True. The team also had the opportunity to explore the Armstrong Hall of Engineering, visit several campus buildings and dodge runners from the Purdue half-marathon that was routed down the engineering mall.

• The AP Human Geography class is just starting the Political Geography unit, which has historically been a challenge on the AP Exam.

To help students remember the different ways of organizing states (countries) and nations (people groups), we used M&Ms and Skittles! Students sorted candies and labeled geographic terms such as nations, states, nation-states, multistate nations, stateless nations, etc. The students ended up with a great (and tasty!) visual for the difficult concepts.

• Geometry students used compasses to measure angles formed by a line (transversal) intersecting two parallel lines. The activity allowed students to discover how specific angle pairs compare to each other.

• On October 23, New Prairie High School inducted 11 seniors and 45 juniors to the 51st class of the Amzie K. Miller chapter of National Honor Society membership. Current officers and members shared the history, tradition, and pillars of NHS while the inductees signed the register then took their oath of membership by candlelight.

Congratulations to our new members as well as their families and teachers that have supported each throughout their educational journey.

• Día de los Muertos is known in English as The Day of the Dead. It is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and many other Spanish Speaking countries.

This is a multi-day holiday that involves the family and friends gathering to remember and honor the dead. One element of the Day of the Dead is Papel Picado. Students in Spanish I made their own papel picado, which is cut paper used for decorations.

• Students worked in small groups to practice absolute value equations. They used white boards and worked together to solve simple to complex equations. It was amazing to watch the group interactions!

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