Good News from New Prairie High School

• In Mrs. Soos's Algebra I class, they are working hard to make math meaningful. Students work to create proportions to solve real world problems that arise in day to day life.

• Quick checks for understanding to make sure concepts are being understood by students can be done through the use of sticky notes.

• Mrs. Spoor’s class recently took a trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Students were able to view artifacts and hear first hand accounts of Holocaust survivors who settled in the region post World War II.

• After a few rounds of experimenting, Mrs. Weston's class successfully created a pumpkin camera.

• Students in Mrs. Aerts Medical Interventions class have been busy researching colleges and careers, while at the same time mastering new lab techniques.

Former students Kyle, Sara and Lexi took time out of their busy college schedules to answer questions and share their college experience, while Erik from Apple showed ways to effectively present data in a presentation. It’s been a busy time getting ready for life after high school!

• In Ms. Erin White’s AP Lang classes, students have been exposed to a variety of non-fiction prose and have had the task of “unpacking” these various essays in order to strategically analyze the rhetorical choices made by the authors.

Working together through interactive exercises and meaningful discussions, these students have developed a skill set that will enable them to craft a sound rhetorical analysis essay.

Not only is this part of their coursework, but crafting this type of essay is one of the three they will be asked to create when taking their AP exam in May of 2020.

Ms. White has emphasized, “quality over quantity” during the first quarter. “I want to ensure that they fully understand what a high-quality rhetorical analysis should look like and how to plan, develop, and polish one before they embark prematurely on drafting on,” she adds.

Taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach has proven to be effective. The students have much more confidence in their ability to analyze rhetoric and “confidence is key,” White explains.

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