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As I’m sure many have noticed, the number of homes in the area displaying ‘No IEC’-signs grows week-by-week. The Open Spaces Agricultural Alliance group (OSAA) has been working diligently to increase local awareness concerning the proposed Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC). As that awareness grows, so does opposition to Saint Joseph County Development’s plan to industrialize our part of the county and permanently destroy thousands of acres of prime farmland in the process.

Development interests and their local governmental cohorts have been doing their best to nail this speculative project down before many folks out our way even know what ‘IEC’ means.

A light is starting to shine on these dark deeds and, if we so choose, we can still deflect this environmental disaster. Our next County Council Meeting will feature a vote to fund further destructive actions targeting where we live and work and raise our families. Get Involved. Come down to the County/City Building in South Bend at 6pm on Tuesday October 8.

Raise your voice while you still can.

Resistance Is Fertile.

Jack Daly New Carlisle

Am I the only one noticing a huge increase in traffic on State Rd 2? I tried to get traffic counts from the INDOT website but the only result I got was “No Data Available” (probably due to computer operator input, not the website). However, just judging by the time it takes me to pull out from a county road onto the Highway, it seems like the wait is much longer than it used to be.

According to some of my truck driver friends, the current increase in traffic is due to the recent higher truck rates on the Toll Road. Can you imagine what it would be like if the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC) becomes a reality? The Elwood, Illinois truck traffic is 25,000 semi’s a day (Alexander Sammon, New Republic 1/09/19).

If you don’t want the IEC to become another Elwood, plan to attend the October 8th the St Joseph County Council meeting at 5:30pm. If we don’t stand together now, we will all suffer individually later.

Bob Humbarger New Carlisle

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