Busy Band Buzz: Flux

The Marching Cougars have had the honor to perform their show at three home football games in front of amazing hometown crowds. What better way to experience Americana than to spend a Friday night at a high school football game featuring our awesome New Prairie football team, cheerleaders, dance team, and marching band. These nights where our students can hear the roar of the crowd in the bleachers makes all of the long hours of practice and rehearsal worthwhile.

The Marching Cougars competitive show for the 2019 season is simply titled “Flux”. Just as flux flows and changes, so does life. The writers of the show have chosen to use water to represent this. Life experiences can be sad like a tear drop, calming like a rain drop, tumultuous like a raging river, or powerful like an ocean wave. Both the music and field drill of this year’s show demonstrate the ups and downs and flow of life from one emotion to another. Just as life changes and flows, so does our band. If you have been at a home game, or one of our competitions, you know that the Marching Cougars have a new look. Many thanks still go out to the New Prairie United School Corporation and everyone in the community who bought mattresses, dunked parents, teachers, and community members, supported us at the football concessions, and just simply donated money. Without all of you, these new uniforms would not have been possible.

The look of the Marching Cougars is not the only part of our band that has changed. As we have said good-bye to last year’s seniors, and miss them, the band continues to grow. This year we have 102 Marching Cougars on the field. This number includes 84 winds and battery, 12 front ensemble, and six guard members. Of these 102 students, 40 are rookies. This has pushed our directors, staff, and veteran marchers to all step it up and help show these rookies the way.

Just like we do everything in the New Prairie community, they have done just that. The Marching Cougars have competed at Goshen on Sept. 14 and Concord on Sept. 21. At Goshen, they placed fourth out of four bands, but received the highest score they have ever received at their first competition of the season. For a little perspective, our competition that day was Elkhart Central, Plymouth, and Northridge. These are all well known powerhouses in the high school marching world. At Concord, one week later, the Marching Cougars placed above Columbia City and Elkhart Memorial, coming in second to Northridge. What a start to the season for our young band! If you see a band member, be sure to congratulate them. Once again these kids are proudly representing our school and community.

Upcoming events for the band include our third annual mattress sale on Oct. 5. Although we have paid for our uniforms, the band will need concert dress for these rookies and is always in need of new instruments and equipment. We will also be competing at Plymouth on Oct. 12, and ISSMA Regionals at Lafayette Jefferson on Oct. 19. We will also have our Fall Sampler Concert Oct. 9 at the high school in the new auditorium.

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