Good News from New Prairie High School

Mr. Whitenack, Mr. Dailey, and Mrs. Lower's Mentor students did a little clean up around the school. We discussed how it's all our responsibility to keep this place looking clean even during construction.

World Languages Students in Spanish class enjoyed a competitive game of “Matamoscas.”

This exciting “flyswatter” game gives students hands on experiences to choose the correct picture to match the sentence in Spanish using current vocabulary for exciting practice. Several students had their “game” face on. Spanish classes also played a “Running Dictation” game to recreate a story with their team about plot points from a well-known story in Spanish.

This is the story of “Bob.” Spanish classes will post these around the building bulletin boards so you can see their creative drawings for the story.

Maybe you will be able to read their stories in Spanish! Each team had a runner, a secretary, and an illustrator. Students rotated through the positions so that everyone had a turn for each position. First teams to complete the mission were able to claim victory!

AP Physics 1 AP Physics 1 is working on one dimensional kinematics. They are learning to measure and calculate the quantities of distance, velocity, acceleration and time.

They are using their data to create graphs which they can then use to predict the outcomes of their experiments in the real world.

They have also started learning about vectors and how they can be used to describe and predict the motion of objects in two dimensional kinematics.

Physics Physics students are working on distance-time graphs, velocity-time graphs and acceleration-time graphs. They have done several lab activities and are working in small groups to solve problems using equations for one dimensional kinematics. Anatomy Anatomy students are studying Biochemical molecules in living systems. They are reviewing their basic chemistry knowledge and revisiting inorganic compounds, including the importance of water, salts, acids and bases. They are learning to draw the chemical structures of Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Nucleic Acids.

They will soon be using these organic molecules to build organelles and cells, which they will eventually use to build tissues, organs and organ systems.

AP Physics 2 Physics 2 students are learning about Electric Potential. They will be using the concept of potential to investigate electric circuits and evaluate Ohm’s Law.

They will be constructing and analyzing circuits in order to gain a greater understanding of Electric Forces and Fields. They are learning about Capacitance and how capacitors work and can be best used in a circuit. They have learned how to construct Electric Field Lines and Equipotential Lines, and are using them to add to their understanding of Electric Fields.

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