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One of our 2019 service priorities is to “Expand access to library services outside of the library building.” Why? We understand that in our modern world, the library is more than just a building that people can come to, it is also a place that can go to people wherever they are.

Think of this part of library services as your virtual library. You can access it anytime of the day or night, whether you are at home, on vacation, or on a business trip. For the last few years we’ve offered ebooks and digital audiobooks. You can download the Libby app on your mobile device and read or listen to library books wherever you are in the world.

You’ve been able to access our Inspire database, which offers access to Consumer Report’s articles, the first level of language learning with Rosetta Stone, and practice tests for everything from the ASVAB and SAT to the MCAT. This summer, we’ve added some exciting new offerings. The first is the NCPL academy. The academy tutorials are available on our website,

One tutorial can help you learn Excel, a great skill to add to any resume. Others will teach you how to use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

In June, we added Creativebug to your virtual library. Historically, the Library’s art and crafts programs for adults have been really well attended. But we know that due to the busyness of life, not everyone can attend who would like to. Now you can take art classes whenever you want, wherever you want.

Creativebug has artist taught classes on all things art related...watercolor, calligraphy, quilting, jewelry making, paper crafting, crocheting… just to name a few. I’m particularly intrigued by the Daily Practice section of the site, which offers a short, 10 minute or so, lesson for 30 days. What a great way to get started with a new creative hobby!

So this fall try visiting your virtual library. When you’re waiting for your child to finish practice, check out an ebook. On your business trip, learn a new language. After the kids are in bed, rejuvenate yourself with a little time for art. Listen to an audiobook on your commute. And know that we are always happy to help you in person, by phone, or email

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