Pick Up the Spiritual Mop

When I first started in the mental health field, I was a skills trainer. This was a very broad job ranging from teaching people how to grocery shop, clean, or budget, to teaching them coping skills for anxiety or depression.

In this job, we were exposed to all kinds of home environments; some that smelled so bad we had to put Vicks under our noses to help keep us from gagging. Some homes were infested with bugs of all kinds, roaches, beetles, and even bed bugs.

One of my co-workers told me that she loved to go into the dirty houses, the dirtier the better. Her favorite home she went into was so infested with bugs that it looked like the floor was moving as you walked through the kitchen, and the bugs scattered. I was confused and asked her to explain. She replied, “I love to see the progress my client can make with me helping and guiding her. Sometimes it takes a while to see any progress, but when we see it and reflect back on how bad things were when we began, I get excited.”

Our God is the same way. Our messes do not disgust him, He is not grossed out, He knows we make life messes, and He has compassion on us for it. He is in the business of taking something that is overwhelming to us and working with us to bring order into our lives.

The thing that we sometimes miss is that He doesn’t do it for us; He works with us. God doesn’t make us do anything we don’t want to do. We must be willing to “pick up the spiritual mop” to clean along side of Him in partnership. This may require some sacrifice such as getting up early on Sunday mornings, or cracking open a Bible every morning in order to get some healing truth into our broken lives.

The progress that can happen when we look to God, our healer to fix our broken lives is incredible. I can tell you this from experience as a very “messy” person. The spiritual healing journey I have been on with God is mind blowing and we are not done yet. God has taken this woman who was chronically depressed, anxious, and foolish in every way and brought healing truth into my life. With a lot of my own work to change and God’s truth and healing power I have been brought into a season of life that amazes me. He can do the same for you if you let Him.

If you are looking for a church to call home, Olive Chapel would love to have you. We are in the stages of rebuilding what we do, and our focus is on building a healing community of believers. Our services begin at 10:00 EST if you would like to join us. God bless.

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