New Prairie High School Class of 2019 Top Ten

On May 2, the New Prairie United School Corporation School Board honored the Top Ten students and their educators from the Class of 2019.

It was a great evening full of great stories about the positive experiences our educators have made on the student in and out of the classroom.

The speeches were full of the words “passion” and “purpose” which really sums up what shines through to all students. Thanks to all educators for the impact they make on students every day! The Top 10 students at their educators are:

  • Joseph Henning - Mr. Hobart

  • Maddox Cotter - Mr. Schellinger

  • Tyler Bowen - Mrs. Aerts

  • Lucas Papai - Mrs. Buss

  • Mia Bauer - Mrs. Zarate

  • Thomas Eggleston - Ms. Wojtysiak

  • Gabriele Peters - Mr. Dailey

  • Lily Carmel - Mr. Teykl

  • Sydney Moody - Mrs. Sinka

  • Megan Boyd - Mrs. Holifield

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