Good News from New Prairie High School

• Students in Mrs. Gonder’s Advanced Math (Tech Math) class are using Geometry, Algebra, and Science to design a 2-dimensional floor plan of their “Dream House.”

The floor plan must include specific geometric shapes and the students must calculate the square footage of each room along with the cost of flooring. In addition, after the students research renewable energy sources that could be used to heat or cool their home, they write a short essay describing the energy source and why they chose it.

• The World Geography class watched a documentary about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and learned that deep water sensors were not present at the time, so geographers were unable to detect the earthquake/tsunami until it was too late to warn many coastal regions.

The students then worked on three simulations, in which they incorporated physics and calculus into geography and determined the speed of tsunami waves based on the depth of the ocean. They calculated how much warning time coastal locations would have knowing the speed of the wave and distance from the epicenter.

• The Biomedical Innovations class “practiced” suturing on bananas.

• Students in Mrs Aerts Principles of Biomedical Science class testing their creativity and engineering skills by creating a working pump with a balloon, two flasks, tubing and string.

• Mythology students were challenged to present a story without technology just like storytellers in ancient times would have done. Students were allowed to use props and drawings to aid in their presentations but could not use iPads, the Apple TV, or even write the story on paper. This group of junior and senior students is presenting the Crow Indian legend “Lodge Boy and Thrown Away.”

• Students in ICP were completing a lab at the conclusion of their unit of study on waves. After completing this lab, in which the behavior of transverse and longitudinal pulses on a stretched slinky were observed, they determined the effects that free end and fixed end terminations have on the traveling pulse.

• Students in Miss Weston’s Photography II class have learned how to create photographs that are edited similar to Photoshop but with their own hands by manipulating photo supplies and experimenting in the darkroom!

• Students in Mrs. Zarate’s geometry class turned their knowledge of Volume and Surface Area into a 3D object. They were required to include a sphere, prism, cylinder, and a cone and then had to calculate the visible surface area as well as the volume of the object. There were some uniquely creative designs.

• New Prairie’s prom theme this year was “As Time Goes By,” a magical night celebrated in old Hollywood glamour. The students enjoyed a full course meal followed with a trip to the doughnut bar! The students danced, took photos at the selfie station, and enjoyed the warm weather on the patio. The prom was a night to remember!

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