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On July 2, the library begins its 18th year in this beautiful building. Over the last ten years, we have averaged about 6,500 visitors per month. That’s a lot of feet on the carpet, hands on walls, visits to the restrooms. Just like your house, after nearly 20 years, the library is ready for some repairs, upkeep, and updates.

One key repair that needs to happen is the roof. We have been doing some small repairs to spots that have bubbled and lost shingles for the last few years. However, we need to do a proper and comprehensive repair of the roof. We’ve also developed a plan for the front of the building that will make it easier to drop off and pick up at the front entrance.

As part of this project, we will also be replacing the flooring. The carpeting has holes in a number of places and we will replace it with carpet tiles so that we can more easily make repairs to small sections of flooring that get damaged or stained. The interior walls will get fresh paint, the public restrooms will get a facelift, and some new furniture and shelving will replace some older pieces.

As part of our long range planning process we also looked at the future of our library and our community to see what space needs we may have going forward. As a result, we will be reconfiguring what used to be the café and creating a learning lab where we can offer access to new and emerging technologies, like 3D printing. We will also be returning the alcove near the fire place to a public space.

How will the library pay for these projects? We will use a combination of savings and we are seeking to issue a bond. The bond will replace our current bond and will not exceed $1,260,000. This will result in an estimated incremental tax rate reduction of $.1023. Which basically means that we can do this project while reducing the overall tax levy of the Library.

We are using a “not to exceed” amount because we are also pursuing a potential grant opportunity to help fund the projects. If that grant is received, we will be able to further reduce the Library’s tax levy.

We frequently hear from first time visitors how beautiful this Library is. We agree and we are committed to keeping it beautiful, now and in the future.

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