Good News from NPHS

• The Environmental Club is growing broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, and tomato plants. These plants will be donated to the community garden at the United Methodist Church in New Carlisle.

The students will also help church members plant the garden in the spring. The garden is open for anyone in the community to work in and harvest from. They also donate extra produce to the food bank at the Community Church in New Carlisle.

• Mrs. Chases’s class had an AP HuG development contest. The staff at NPHS did the voting. The team name that won was “It’s GHANA be our way or NORWAY ATOLL!” They also won the whole contest, maybe it was the first draft pick the “name game” won them! Side note: this whole class studied their butts off to make quality country picks. Mr. Holman and Mrs. Chase were both knocked out in the first round! Special thanks to Blake for participating!

• Thanks to Mrs. Regal’s art class for your altered book sculptures. They’re spiffing up the library nicely!

• Students that had the high scores on the American Legion’s Americanism Test were Julia Jones, Chloe Stantz, Allison Schweller, Colten Kitchen, Lucas Papai, and Troy Hay. Colten and Troy had top scores in the area and were previously presented with an award and a cash prize.

• Career Day 2019 was held on March 27th. Over 50 speakers from the community and surrounding areas came in to present to grades 9-12. Students were able to select three career choices to hear about the education, training, roles and responsibilities.

• Choir ended the competition season strong with great performances at Brownsburg High School. Sing Sensation finished with a third place finish. Innovation finished in fourth and won best vocals.

• Students from the Current Events class got the opportunity to video chat with Mr. Anthony Rinna earlier this month to wrap up a section covering the US/North Korea talks between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Mr. Rinna, a graduate of LaSalle University, is a diplomatic analyst working for the Sino-North Korea group who lives in Gongju, south of Seoul in South Korea. He holds dual-citizenship for the United States and South Korea, and is a specialist on the relationships between Russia, China, and North Korea.

During the conversation, Mr. Rinna talked about the latest summit between the US and North Korea, what both countries wished to accomplish, and what the future holds for both countries. He then answered questions from the Current Events class about the politics and military movement on the Korean peninsula, questions about life in South Korea, and questions about what it’s like living abroad as a US citizen.

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