Viaduct closure coming in May

The Town was provided with the following information from the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) regarding the railroad overpass at the viaduct:

The NICTD is planning to replace several damaged beams in their bridge over US 20 in the Town of New Carlisle.

The project requires that several beams in the structure be removed from the existing structure and replaced.

The NICTD bridge over US 20 is located on the east end of town, just south of Bales Mechanical and Carris Reels and north of Zahl’s Elevator and the Inn at the Old Republic. The bridge is between Timothy Road on the west and Marvel Lane on the north.

The bridge was damaged by a high load strike which damaged the bridge. It is necessary to replace portions of the structure to maintain its load carrying capacity.

The work will be accomplished between May 6 starting at 6:00am local time (06:00) and completing by May 16 at 7:00pm local time (19:00). During this time, the road will be completely closed at the bridge. The work activities will not permit any thru traffic under the bridge.

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