Kaniewski celebrating 100th anniversary

Kaniewski Funeral Home is celebrating its 100th year in business. Kaniewski Funeral Home was founded by Vincent Kaniewski in South Bend, Indiana in 1919.

Vincent had been employed with the Singer Cabinet factory in South Bend. One day, he leaned too close to a piece of machinery and a button was cut off his shirt. He decided right then that this line of work was too dangerous and not for him.

He left the factory and attended the University of Notre Dame, where he met a Religious Brother, who taught him how to embalm.

Kaniewski Funeral Home started as a small West Side Polish Funeral Home in South Bend. Over the years, the business expanded and moved to several locations in South Bend.

In 1986, Kaniewski Funeral Home merged with the H.C. Amen and Son Funeral Home in New Carlisle, Indiana. The H.C. Amen Funeral Home was established in 1925. Homer Amen and his wife Maleta purchased the Brummitt home and converted it to a funeral home.

In the 1950’s, their son Robert Amen joined the business, and it was renamed H.C. Amen and Son Funeral Home. Bob Amen was the owner of the funeral home in 1986 and had rented cars and drivers from Kaniewski Funeral Home for years, so when he decided to retire, he asked the Kaniewski Family if they were interested in acquiring his funeral home.

The first funeral conducted by the Kaniewski family in New Carlisle had a horse-drawn hearse. Over the years, members of the Kaniewski family have resided in New Carlisle.

Bob Kaniewski and his family moved there in 1988 and resided there until 1996. Jeff Kaniewski is a 1995 graduate of New Prairie High School. Greg Kaniewski is married to Julie Golden of New Carlisle.

The Kaniewski family has been involved in the Delta Theta Tau Sorority, New Carlisle Lions Club, Historical Days/Hometown Days and the New Carlisle Business Association. Kaniewski Funeral Home has two locations.

The New Carlisle Funeral Home is located at 201 S. Filbert Street in a historical home built in the late 1800’s.

The South Bend Location is at 3545 N. Bendix Drive, which is about fifteen miles east of New Carlisle.

The Kaniewski family is truly honored to be a part of the New Carlisle community and would like to thank the many New Carlisle families that have chosen to use our funeral home over the years.

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