Good News from New Prairie High School

• Friday, March 1, the NPHS teachers celebrated a successful ISTEP Week with a Fiesta Friday. Several teachers participated in a delicious lunch of tacos, chips and salsa from Mucho Mas!

The Spanish teachers decorated the teacher’s lounge with fun Mexican themed banners, bright colors, sombreros, and Piñatas. The photo booth, complete with fun props, was the highlight of the day!

• After completing the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Spoor’s English 11 students were able demonstrate their creativity and knowledge of contextual evidence from the story by creating their own artistic interpretations of people, places and concepts introduced during the reading.

The students were required to support all of their choices by citing quotes from the book. Many of the students were able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the text when given the opportunity to use their talents. The students did a fabulous job with their creations and presenting them to their peers!

• Advanced Placement Exams offer students an opportunity to earn college credits for high school course work. Currently, AP students are taking practice tests to prepare for these exams but that means their teachers need extra help with their classes while proctoring these tests.

Mrs. Kubsch and other teachers opened their classrooms to these displaced students to allow for learning to continue. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Buss’s classes are working together to better understand the cell life cycle and Hubble’s telescope.

Coming together to make sure all students have the opportunities they deserve, that is the NP way!

• If you haven’t tried out the cafeteria annex yet, we recommend it! It’s a great place for kids to be able to move around easily, work independently or in groups, and there aren’t any classes around to interrupt! Mrs. Chase’s world history kids are doing some stations and several have commented how they like not feeling cramped in this space.

• Power can be described as the rate which work is done. In a recent lab activity, students measured distances, forces and times in order to calculate the work and power output of their muscles. How much power did they use to move one book? How much power did they use to move ten books? Which member of their group used the most power?

Mr. Holman Leads Freshmen English Students on an M.L.A. Citation Journey (submitted by Erin White)

Mr. Holman generously visited Mrs. White’s freshmen English classes on Friday, March 1, to teach them the importance of citing their sources.

In addition, he led them through a series of exercises and engaging activities that taught them how to cite a variety of sources. He began with rewarding correct student answers with a “high five” or other chosen incentives. These students are currently in the process of locating and reviewing sources for their argumentative essays and Mr. Holman taught them how to use an easy bibliography generator to help them create their Works Cited page. He also pointed out that different sources should be cited differently in M.L.A.

For example, a podcast must be cited differently than a newspaper article. Likewise, a newspaper article versus an article that was strictly published online should also be cited differently, according to the M.L.A. formatting guidelines.

His timely visit was much appreciated and the students will be able to apply their newly-learned skills as they turn in their final drafts soon.

Freshmen English Students Research, Craft, and Argue for a Cause

As a celebration and a culminating activity to their argument writing unit, Mrs. White’s English 9 Honors students participated in student-led argument mini-sessions.

To spotlight their hard work and passion for their topics, students took on the role of both presenter and attendee throughout this three-day event. This took place in the new cafe annex and students were able to use the Smart TVs to showcase articles, videos, images, or music that helped to appeal to and convince their audience that their argument was accurate and the “right choice.”

In order to give attendees freedom of choice, they were allowed to choose which mini-sessions they attended and therefore the student engagement was evident. If you see a freshman walking the halls, ask them what their argument essay was about, chances are, they will be ready and willing to convince you as well!

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