Good News from NPHS

• Nicole Chase, our Social Studies teacher, did a “speed dating” activity. All of her students got an agricultural term and had to interview each other and see if they would be a good match.

• The U.S. Government students used M&Ms to show the different types of Redistricting and gerrymandering. A fun - and delicious - hands-on lesson. • The Alternative Education students served a meal to the community at the Pax Center on Monday, February 25. The kids worked hard to prepare food and serve many people who may not have gotten a chance to eat. The students got lots of positive feedback from the people eating. It was very good to see the kids working hard. • Mark Stone’s class rabbits that were raised in the small animal room received Grand Champion Youth Meat Pen at the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association convention this past weekend. We also received third place Single Fryer. • Mr. Bolakowski’s Personal Finance class began participating in the Budget Challenge sponsored by H&R Block. Students are assigned an income, decide how much to put into their retirement account, pay bills, deal with credit and other unforeseen circumstances. Students compete nationally and have a chance to earn scholarships provided by H&R Block. • Algebra 2 students are working in groups to justify financial decisions based on the data presented to them. Research and math processes are essential to make the decision. Students will present their decision to the class, with their visuals, to support their decision. • Algebra 1 students are researching real life application of systems of equations. When are they used - what store should I choose? What would the price be? Students are selecting a scenario, developing a story problem related to the situation, then working through the steps to solve. Final products will include the necessary research, math, and illustrations! • The high school swimmers are awesome! Their very long season has come to an end, but they return to the pool to offer assistance and help coach the future of the NPHS Swim Team! The swimmers and divers attend practice four days a week to help the middle school swimmers improve stroke, technique, starts, turns, and dives. Their assistance is amazing and much appreciated! • Tyler Bowen, Wyatt Hooper, Joe Henning, and Ben Swihart participated in the Northwest Indiana Regional Science Fair on February 23. The team of Hooper, Henning and Swihart took top team honors and advance to the state competition. • In the past few weeks, Mr. Dailey’s World History class has gone in depth with “Factors in the Rise & Fall of Civilizations.” Some of the Civilizations that we have specifically covered include the Roman Empire and the Han Empire. Students are also learning more about the Black Death that caused much devastation to Europe during the Middle Ages! • Our warm-up for PE 1 is playing a game resembling Quidditch from the Harry Potter books. This game was created by Mr. Schwingendorf. It is played with either a frisbee and or football. It is very active and they have some fun.

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