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Every spring we celebrate National Library Week! This year the theme is Libraries=Strong Communities. In 2018, the Knight Foundation along with Gallup teamed together to try and figure out why some people are enthusiastic about where they live. They found three things particularly matter:

• Social offerings- that is, places for people to meet each other and the feeling that people in the community care about each other. • Openness: how welcoming the community is to different types of people. • And Aesthetics: The physical beauty of the community.

I think that New Carlisle has all of these characteristics. I also believe that this Library reflects these factors and is a central component in our community.

We see evidence of this strong community every day in the library. We see relationships being built between families who bring their littles in for storytime.

The kids who come in after school develop relationships with each other and with the library staff who care enough to know them by name. We see teens learning to give back to their community by collecting for the food pantry or the humane society, or by volunteering at an event like Christmas in New Carlisle. We see family celebrations like baby showers and bridal showers.

Yes, libraries do equal strong communities. But it’s the people who come in every day and check out books, attend our events, or use our computers and meeting rooms that make the library. We want to thank you for that.

Every day during National Library Week, April 7-13, stop by the library for a little thank you gift. And if you haven’t visited the library in a while, why don’t you come in and check us out. We’ll be happy to help you get a library card.

“In addition to providing communities with access to ideas and information, libraries play an important role in our public life by encouraging creativity, promoting equality, and serving as a source of empowerment,” Melinda Gates, National Library Week honorary chair.

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