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Out of Left Field The students in Mrs. Gonder’s Honors Algebra 2 class have been applying their studies of quadratic functions to real world applications. This past week the students were challenged with determining from which MLB ballpark is it hardest to hit a home run.

The students studied a hypothetical equation of the trajectory path of a baseball hit at Boston’s Fenway Park by former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz during the 2013 World Series. Ortiz hit a home run over the left field wall (a.k.a. Green Monster - which is 310 feet from home plate and 37 feet tall).

The students used data collected from different ballparks to determine whether it’s easier to hit home runs in some parks over others. This activity generated interesting conversations amongst the students especially those dreaming of becoming a major league baseball player.

Facebook in the 1920s Mr. Schellinger’s classes created a “Facebook page for People of the 1920s”. The students chose a person from various parts of society from the 1920s and after researching that person, created a Facebook profile for that person. The profiles included information about the person’s background, occupation, and connections to the culture of the 1920s.

Self-Driving Vehicles Students in Mr. Bolakowski’s Computer Science I class began working on programming self-driving vehicles. Students will first program the vehicle to follow a set path and eventually teach the vehicle how to recognize colors which will allow the machine to make its own decisions and navigate a path.

FIRST Tech Challenge The Robotics and Innovation classes are gearing up for their first FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) qualifying event at Griffith High School.

The date of the event was originally scheduled for January 20, 2019, but due to the ferociousness of the weather, the event was initially cancelled and then rescheduled for February 9, 2019.

Team 4368 High Boltage, Team 5300 The Dirty Dozen, and Team 15584 The Nut Wizards are working on getting their robots ready to compete.

The teams will finish their regular season with the Lafayette Central Catholic qualifying event on February 23, 2019. Based upon the teams’ performances, they may qualify for the state finals. Last season, Team 5300 qualified for the state finals.

Game description: ROVER RUCKUS℠ presented by Qualcomm® Incorporated is played on a 12 ft. x 12 ft. (3.7m x 3.7m) square field with approximately 1 ft. (0.3 m) high walls and a soft foam mat floor.

The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by descending from the Lander, collecting Minerals from the Crater, sorting and scoring Minerals into the Cargo Hold of the Lander, performing Autonomous tasks, and navigating to specific parts of the Playing Field. The Scoring Elements for the game are 60 Silver Minerals and 90 Gold Minerals, and a team supplied Team Marker.

AP English Students in Mrs. Wilkeson’s AP English Literature and Composition at NPHS did a thematic visualization mini-project for Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize-winning novel Beloved, did a gallery walk with posters from the entire class, and then presented visualizations to the class and answered questions about their interpretations.

Students were excited to read Morrison’s novel and learned about literary criticism, history, and American culture from past to present.

Wrestling Senior Dinner Wrestling seniors recently had dinner at Coach Whitenack’s house. The wrestlers ate a wonderful meal made by the awesome Mrs. Whitenack. Kids played games, and Mr. Whitenack took the time to discuss their future with post-secondary goals.

PLTW Biomed PLTW Biomed students are studying cancer cells this week. Does our fictitious patient, Grandpa Joe have the gene to develop lung cancer? We will be completing our microarray test next week to find out.

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