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I have had a house on Hudson Lake for more than a decade and love the lake community and town of New Carlisle. I enjoy hearing about the lake in its heyday (100 years ago!), when it was a big destination spot. When I visit other destination spots like Lake Geneva, WI, Saugatuck, MI, and even nearby Pine Lake, I always wonder why Hudson Lake is so far behind those locations in attracting visitors and investment from homeowners on and near the lake. I strongly believe this is due in part due to the lack of a public utility sewer. Having septic systems adjacent to the shoreline of the lake seems ridiculous in the modern times. It’s not much different than an outhouse with the convenience of the toilet inside. I purchased my home because I see so much potential in the lake. However, I know the lack of a sewer drives many other people to look elsewhere; consequently, their money goes to other locations that prosper as destination spots.

As an environmental engineer, I believe health and environmental issues should not be up for popular vote. The leaders we elect should implement policies and make decisions with the long term lens on the impact and not the short term costs. The benefits of having a sewer far outweigh any immediate costs. And these immediate costs are null if one factors in that most residents in the township probably have septics that are out of code and should be replaced by costlier, more environmentally friendly systems.

The lack of a system poses a threat to the health of the residents, a threat to the environment and lake, and greatly limits any property value growth. Property value growth spurs investment in the area which grows the township’s tax base. This benefits all!

I hope the newly elected Hudson Township trustee and local government will support investing in our township through the installation of a sewer as a public utility. It’s a great way to bring our lake into the 21st century with modern utilities. Let’s make our lake rival that of Pine Lake and even Lake Geneva!

E.G. Fishburne New Carlisle, IN

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