Question Fire Territory Plan

If you pay taxes in either New Carlisle, Olive Township or Hudson Township, I would strongly encourage you to attend the public Fire Territory meeting to be held on January 28th at 7:00 pm at the fire station.

Please ask to see a copy of the budget with the expenditures, so you can see how your tax dollars are being spent on this endeavor. I suggest that you question the elected officials who are in favor of this budget, to justify some of the expenditures that relate to salaries for the employees as well as some of the other expenditures.

Let me give you some of the facts: There are currently three other Fire Territories in St. Joseph County, Penn, Southwest and Clay. New Carlisle and Olive Townships Territory would be the fourth.

The population of our territory would be the lowest, around 6,500 with Olive Township and New Carlisle, less than one third compared to the next territory, Southwest Fire Territory at approximately 24,000 residents.

Our calls to service (around 800 in 2018) would be less than half of Southwest’s (around 1,700 in 2018). Yet with these facts, our chief would be the highest paid chief position (based on the employee compensation for 2017, the 2018 stats are not currently on file with the State) of all of the current fire territories. Our fire fighter position would be paid more than the Battalion Chiefs position at Southwest.

When I presented these facts in a meeting with two New Carlisle Town Council members and EMS Chief Schweizer, they told me that they would review the numbers and possibly make adjustments to the budget.

The cost of the Fire Territory will not only affect your taxes, but the revenue for the library and school system as well. I will tell you that our territory will include the EMS units as well, with these personnel being crossed trained as firefighters. Should this budget pass, you the taxpayer will be saddled with the cost forever.

Please come and ask questions.

Dave Doll New Carlisle, IN

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