Leadership Changes at Hudson Lake Conservation Association

This January marks the transition of leadership at the Hudson Lake Conservation Association. William (Bill) Companik, founder and president has turned over responsibility for leading the organization to Zach Krachinski. Under Bill’s vision and leadership, the organization was formed in 2005 to protect our most precious resource. While the challenges have changed, the mission has remained the same: To protect the lake’s quality and quantity for all that rely on it.

As a result, that vision has earned the organization statewide recognition and a seat at the table for State appropriations in the form of Lake and River Enhancement grants. Indeed, under Bill’s leadership, the Association has earned grant monies every year that total well in excess of $120,000.

These efforts have resulted in high technology sonar mapping, lake diagnostics that examine invasive species, water quality and oxygenation, and the investigation of the many fish species that call Hudson Lake their home. Forming an organization and developing the operational expertise that relies on volunteers to manage funding appropriations while maintaining the confidence of State officials is perhaps Bill’s greatest contribution, and one that will serve the new president well for many years.

On behalf of the Association, I’d like to thank Bill and his wife Mary Ann for everything they have done for the lake and all the families who enjoy it.

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