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Thanks to everyone who contributed to Mrs. Murray’s Cougar Mentor group sock drive. 130 pairs of socks - for babies to adult men - were collected, as well as some hats, scarves, mittens, and toiletries. Your generosity is much appreciated!

Advanced Nutrition and Wellness Students in Advanced Nutrition and Wellness planned special events complete with invitations, menus, and table settings. Each group selected a holiday or special event to celebrate with food items corresponding to the event. Staff members and students were invited to dinner together and celebrated the events.

Gummy Bear Governments The U.S. Government students learned about different types of governments by defining the governments and using Gummy Bears to demonstrate what those governments look like.

Atoms Biology students in Mrs. Brasseur’s class are learning about atoms and how they relate to our daily life.

Math Department Algebra I students put a spin on graphing systems of inequalities in the traditional fashion. Instead, they “Speed Graphed”. (Similar to speed dating). Students swapped inequalities and moved around the room in timed increments.

Students in Ms. Litza’s and Mrs. Zarate’s Geometry classes, used to perform translations, reflections and rotations to solve challenging puzzles.

Breakout EDU Have you heard about escape rooms? While we cannot build an escape room inside NPHS, we can play the next best thing--Breakout EDU!

Señora Pietrzak’s Spanish classes combined their knowledge of family vocabulary in Spanish with this hands-on logic game. Students had to use clues written in Spanish to figure out how to open assorted combination locks which led to further clues, keys, and finally the answer!

Groups from each class competed against each other to complete the Breakout in the least amount of time. It was a fun and unique day of learning!

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