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Pop Lit Students Get Creative Students in Miss Castle’s Contemporary Popular Literature course recently finished up a unit on “Relationships & Gender differences in Society.” Students presented a summative assessment using an app known as “ThingLink.” The students went above and beyond in this particular assignment, proving their strengths in learning a new technology and melding their creative abilities into proving their understanding of a fictional work in a little different application than the norm.

NPHS Student-Athletes of the Month - March 2018 Congrats to last month’s student-athletes: Callie Metzger, Tyler Graeber, Juliana Kroll, and Taylor Adams. These student-athletes are never absent, never late, have no missing work, and display everyday effort. Way to go, Cougars!

Heart Simulations Students in Principles of Biomedical Sciences tried to build a pump that represents how the heart works.

Students Test Out Biofeedback Techniques

Students in Medical Interventions created experiments to ‘stress out’ their subject and then incorporated biofeedback to bring their blood pressure back to the resting value.

Spanish Honor Society Induction On Thursday, April 12th, 2018, the Spanish Honor Society held their annual inductions at 6:30pm. Maddie West and Alexa Zeese did a fantastic job conducting the ceremony and several other members for assisting.

Congratulations to Emily Graves, Amellia Klute, Angel Kuespert, Alexis Martin, Kaitlyn Mayo, Erin Novak, and Zoe Spence for becoming the newest members of the New Prairie’s Juan Carlos Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society. These students will be completing 15 hours of community service, as well as participating in several activities to enhance their understanding of Spanish culture and language.

International Dinner at NPHS On Thursday, April 12th, the World Languages department celebrated our annual International Dinner. Nearly 40 projects detailing countries from around the world were diligently researched and presented by our students. The highlights of the projects were the homemade ethnic foods representing the great variety of countries. Our Spanish Honor Society students also sold bracelets and small purses handmade in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Proceeds benefit the non-profit Pulsera Project, which creates sustainable jobs in impoverished communities while promoting positive cultural exchanges.

All in all, the evening was entertaining and enlightening, with no one leaving hungry!​

NPHS Students Explore Post-Secondary Options Preparing for College and Careers students have been exploring three avenues that they may want to follow after graduating; College/University, Military, and Skilled Jobs. They have created posters with over 20 facts about different universities, researched jobs in five branches of the military, and are currently working on skilled job videos which they will present in class.

Industrial Revolution Presentations Mr. Dailey’s class is learning about the Industrial Revolution in World History. The students created presentations specifically about child labor.

M & M TOSS Mrs. Gonder’s Honors Algebra 2 class had a very real experience as they used M & M’s in two experiments demonstrating the process of exponential growth and decay. The students particularly enjoyed the second experiment in which they had to eat the M & M’s.

Environmental Club Reflects on a Great Year Environmental Club has had a good year. Members have gone hiking, helped tap maple trees at Bendix Woods, started plants for the community garden at the New Carlisle United Methodist Church, and celebrated Earth Day.

NPHS Swimmers Help Middle School Swimmers The high school swimmers join the coaches helping middle school swimmers. These students attend every practice and help coaches work with the middle school athletes on stroke development, technique, and skills.

Many of these high school students also attend all meets, helping the swimmers understand order of the events and arrive to the blocks for starts. The help these high school students provide both the coaches and the middle school athletes is invaluable.

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