New Prairie High-Lights

Lip-Sync Battle at NPHS Mrs. Brennan’s advanced theatre class recently participated in a Lip Sync bracket. Students competed using part of a song and performed in the style of a lip-sync. Categories included costume, energy, lip-syncing abilities, and stage presence. The competition was fierce, but the kids enjoyed letting loose on the stage.

Colorful Functions

Students in Mrs. Zarate’s Algebra 2 class are using different colors to perform function operations. Energy 101 Miss Spevak’s ICP classes chose an energy source and made a flyer with facts about the energy source. The following students had the best flyers from each class, 10th: Jacob Myers, Austin Owens, Gabe Nowatzke, 3rd: Aubrey Doan, Violeta Mendez, Kylie Gonzalez, 4/5: Shelby Chlebowski, Jackson Hakes, Alexis Hersom.

Business Managers

Students in Introduction to Business are learning about the “Functions of Management”. They recently set up a fictitious business, which they then had to create a structure for along with a mission statement, policies, and procedures.

They are currently learning about how to staff a business. They researched job descriptions from job search websites, which they will use to create a description for one of the jobs they created in their business. They will then “apply” for jobs at classmates’ businesses based on the description they created. Each student/business will then choose from the applicants they have to experience what it’s like to be a manager and compare applications, cover letters, and resumes.

Geography Cupcakes AP Human Geography students are studying rural land models. This lesson on Von Thunen’s model was best visualized with cupcakes! Students labeled each ring of the model with the type of land use present and then debated about which agricultural products best fit each ring.

Interior Designers Students in Housing and Interior Design continue to expand their knowledge of the planning, building, and design process. Using scaled graphs, these groups are able to layout unique floorplans, highlight design elements such as doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Reusable stickers allow for placement and replacement of furniture pieces and more. Students will soon move to a 3D scaled model of a house!

Sing Sensation Excels Sing Sensation qualified for Small School State Show Choir Finals and performed at Franklin Central High School on March 17th. They earned their highest score of the year, placed 5th overall, and won the best band award.

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