St. Joseph County Curbside Recycling Statistics

Randy Przybysz, the Director of the Solid Waste Management District of St. Joseph County, announced recently that the Curbside Recycling program had another year of very good participation and diverted a high volume of recyclables from going into our landfill.

The following numbers are from 2017 and were provided by the District’s vendors:

Borden Waste-Away collected 29,052,000 pounds of glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper products from the curbside bins.

The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Center in South Bend shipped 645,928 pounds of electronics to GreenWave of Indianapolis.

In addition, the HHW sent the following to Tradebe Treatment of East Chicago : (All in pounds) 44,662 of Oil, 86,586 of Flammables, 7,766 of Pesticides, 122,428 of Latex paint, 9,196 of Anti-freeze, and 1,426 of Acids & Corrosives.

Over 100,000 lbs. of tires were sent to Liberty Tire Recycling in North Liberty. In addition, 11,496 lbs. of light bulbs were recycled by Veolia Environmental Services of Indianapolis.

“The HHW serviced 11,339 St. Joseph County residents in 2017” said Przybysz, “and now with our more centralized location we should easily surpass that number in 2018.”

Please contact the District’s Education Coordinator at 574-245-6604 to discuss every aspect of recycling, and to better educate the children and adults in our county about the benefits of the program.

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