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Years ago, the New Carlisle Businessman’s Association was formed to provide a networking group of the business owners in town. They met regularly to discuss a variety of topics and over the years, sponsored activities in town, including what now is called “Hometown Days.”

As the make-up of the businesses changed, the Association also evolved to include all businesses and community organizations in the area and now represent the Greater New Carlisle area. The name change to New Carlisle Business and Community Association (NCBCA) better reflected the purpose of the organization, and membership includes all facets of the “business” community such as non-profit organizations, library, schools and churches and interested individuals.

To that end the current mission of the organization is being met: “…a not-for-profit organization whose objective is to enhance and encourage the businesses and citizens of the Town of New Carlisle and the greater New Carlisle area by promoting community pride, awareness and referrals through networking.”

Monthly programs/speakers address many facets of community life––Fire and Police Safety issues, regional Economic Development, local political “meet and greet” sessions, liaison with town officials, School highlights, Church initiatives, issues of interest to small businesses, and sponsoring of the Hometown Days Parade. Current officers are Craig Langhofer, President, Dawn Krueger, Vice-President, Kimber Vaundry, Secretary, Sandy Raabe, Treasurer, and Joyce Forbes, Membership Secretary.

Our membership is all-inclusive, so if you are a business or a community organization stakeholder, we encourage you to join our association. Each member brings their particular expertise to the group and will work together to seek solutions for our “Greater New Carlisle” area as new companies come into the area.

Annual membership dues are: $40 for businesses and $25 for individual community members, and applications are available on the NCBCA website –

Membership applications are also available by contacting Membership Chairperson, Joyce Forbes at, or calling 574-654-7288.

All members are listed on the website and in the membership directory and receive monthly updates and timely business-related news notices.

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