Good News from New Prairie High School

New Prairie High School has been bustling with activities and student achievements. Here are some of the recent highlights:

• On February 8th, 100 11th and 12th grade students earned the opportunity to travel to Chicago to attend A Midsummer Night’s Dream put on by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. The students and teachers who attended the trip thoroughly enjoyed their time and hope to make it a yearly tradition. Thank you, Mr. Holmquest for arranging such a fun and enriching experience for our students!

• NPHS collected $878.77 last week for Pennies for Patients (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). Way to go NPHS students!

• Housing and Interior Design students from New Prairie High School are visiting the NPHS Building Trades home to see real-life examples of the construction basics learned about in class. Building Trades instructor, Keith Hite, gave students a tour today and answered questions regarding framing, trusses, insulation, and rough finishing--all topics studied in the HID course thus far. Students will continue to study the construction and design process throughout the remainder of the semester.

• The students in Mr. Bolakowski’s Introduction to Business class created review board games for their unit on Business & Economics. Students could base their games off of an already existing game (Monopoly, Guess Who, Sorry! etc...) or create a game from scratch. Students were required to include a set list of economic concepts into the game somehow. In addition to designing the game and including the concepts, students had to write directions so other groups in class could play the games to use as review for the test. Students showed lots of creativity and knowledge of the subject in completing their projects!

• Students in Medical Interventions using math to calculate gene expression rations between different patients. This will allow us to personalize the cancer treatment based on the response from past patients.

• Students in PBS (Principles of Biomedical Sciences) had the task of dropping cells on a slide, staining the slide, and viewing under a microscope. If they were successful, the cells broke open and they could see the chromosomes.

• In celebration of Carnaval (5 days leading up to Lent- Feb. 9-13), the Spanish Honor Society decorated the Spanish hallway to bring some positive energy to the few weeks leading up to ISTEP. Carnaval is a Spanish holiday before Lent that allows people to “get the crazies” out before they give up meat (traditionally) or other desires in other cultures. What better way to get the “crazies” out before ISTEP too? Doing this is also part of an advertisement for SHS to receive new members for the coming year.

• Students in Mrs. Gonder’s Advanced Math - Tech Math class are building a model of next year’s house that the building trades students will build. The model will be on display next fall at the high school for the public to view. The students in this math class learn math that will be used in a variety of trades.

• The World Geography classes recently studied India. As a wrap-up activity, classes met in the library for a Breakout (school version of an Escape Room). Students had to use the information they learned about Indian culture and history to search for & decipher clues, leading to several lock codes which opened the Breakout box!

• Biology students are learning about food webs and food chains. They have started projects and are researching the ways we react with the environment.

• Congrats to New Prairie Strength’s February Athletes of the Month -- Hannah Chlebowski (Swim & Dive / Track & Field), Ethan Nielson (Baseball), Miranda Gnott (Track & Field), and Brandon Corbett (Cross Country / Track & Field)! These Student-Athletes have met the criteria that have been set and were selected for excellent displays of Effort, Accountability, as well as Leadership. Keep up the good work.

• The students in 2D Art practiced their gesture drawing skills this week. Fellow peers volunteered to model while their classmates did quick sketches of their pose. The models tried to be creative and fun with their poses and made it an enjoyable experience for the class.

• The Interactive Media classes are hard at work learning 3-D modeling, animation, design layout using Sketch Up, Unity, and Blender.

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