New Carlisle Library Announces Open Hours for Local History

Beginning Monday, February 5, you will no longer need to make an appointment to use the resources in the Local History Room of the New Carlisle Public Library.

The Local History Room will be open from 9:00 am-1:00 pm on Monday and Friday, and from 4:00 pm-8 pm on Tuesday evenings.

The room is located on the North end of the building near the inspiration fiction collection.

Featuring the circulation desk from the original Carnegie New Carlisle-Olive Township Public Library and Wi-Fi access necessary in a modern building, the room provides a well-lit, quiet space to work on any project.

In the Local History Room, you can access the South Bend Tribunes from 1960-2001 on microfilm. You can flip through historic New Carlisle newspapers.

All sorts of tidbits about local history can be found, including information on Hudson Lake Casino, the History of St. Joseph County, and the history of La Porte County. You can also spend time paging through New Prairie High School yearbooks.

The Local History Room is the perfect place to begin research on your family history and genealogy. In addition to the local resources, the Library provides free access to

Ancestry provides census records, military records, immigration records, and birth, marriage, and death records. All this information may seem overwhelming, but Marcia Carpenter, the Library’s Local History Associate says, “Doing genealogical research isn’t as hard as people think it is.”

Marcia will be one of the staff members working in the Local History Room and will be available to help out patrons who want to start their search.

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