The Busy Band Buzz

Practice, practice, practice, during the cold, dark days of January our New Prairie band students continue their hard work.

With back-up band for show choir season, indoor percussion, 2 jazz groups, and solo and ensemble, it seems there is always some kind of practice whether it be before school, after school, or for a lot of students, both.

When most of the world settles down after the holiday season, our band students enter a time of year that some would consider busy, and others would call absolutely crazy!

With practices for all of the above mentioned bands in January, upcoming competitions in February and March, and a basketball game or two a week, it’s a wonder that our kids, their parents, and especially our band director are able to keep their sanity.

The next event for our busy band kids is ISSMA District Solo and Ensemble contest February 3, 2018 at Kankakee Valley Middle School.

This competition features soloists, and small ensembles. These ensembles could be as small as a duet, or as a larger brass ensemble, flute choir, or other combination of instruments.

The individuals in these events practice the music and work to prepare for this competition mostly on their own time, with guidance, instruction, and support from the band director Mr. Patrick Teykl. Many of the solos also have piano accompaniment also provided by Mr. Teykl.

Although this is a voluntary event, fifty of our high school band members are participating in at least one event, and several are participating in more than one event.

Some upcoming dates to remember include a Showcase Concert February 28, a Solo/Ensemble and Indoor Percussion Recital March 7, both concerts in the high school auditorium, and our Trivia Night March 24 at Monroe’s Crossing.

Be sure to support these hard working kids as they continue to proudly represent our school and our community, and wish them luck as they compete throughout the winter and spring seasons.

More articles will be coming with competition results, upcoming event details, and fundraising announcements.

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