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Celebrate the New Year in style with this easy and scrumptious appetizer. Ken and Diana Jasinski shared one of their favorite recipes for all of us to enjoy. And, just think — only three ingredients!

Ham & Pickle Roll Ups

1 lb. rectangular shaped sliced ham 1 large cream cheese 1 jar Claussen’s Dill Pickles (in refrigerated area of grocery stores) Round toothpicks

Cut whole pickles in quarters and set off to the side on paper towels to soak up excess liquid.

Cut lengthwise. Note: if using Claussen spears, you need not slice lengthwise. Place cream cheese on a plate and soften in the microwave. Take a quartered pickle and roll up on a ham slice covered with cheese. Place toothpicks in each roll up cube (7 or 8) and slice between toothpicks in order to make cubes of these roll ups. Arrange on a platter. Be sure each roll up is tight. These roll ups will not last long! Be sure to refrigerate to keep fresh.

Etc.—“Szczesliwego Nowego Roku a wszystkiego najlepszego!” (Polish ) - English interpretation “Happy New Year with all the best!” ... and Bon Appetit!

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