Olive Chapel Church to celebrate 148th anniversary

Olive Chapel Church was organized January 6, 1842 with only six charter members. It was first called Parnell’s Church.

For a few years, the adults attended weekly prayer meetings held in the adults’ homes. The children were very seldom allowed to attend.

When their numbers increased, they began to hold church in the schoolhouse on South Timothy Road, and it was well attended. Davie Coulp was the minister in charge.

In the fall of 1868, they held a large revival meeting in the schoolhouse. A number of people came forward. With their numbers increasing again, it was decided that a new church house was to be built.

Mr. Adams donated the ground where the church now stands, the corner of State Road 2 and Timothy Road.

At that time the corner was called Gates’ Crossroads. On October 10, 1869, the church having been completed, was dedicated.

The sermon was preached by Reverend Summerbell.

This year marks the 175th anniversary of the organization of Olive Chapel Church. It also marks the 148th anniversary of the dedication of Olive Chapel Church building.

The building has been in continuous use on this corner for the last 148 years, holding a Sunday morning service every Sunday.

The only time it was not used was while State Road 2 was being constructed.

It was moved north and the building turned so the door faces south, as it does now, when the highway was completed.

The door originally faced west and it is believed the building was in the west bound land of the highway. Please join us October 8, 2017 for the 10:00 AM Sunday Worship Service and plan to stay for lunch to help us celebrate.

We are planning a Homecoming for the 150th anniversary in 2019. If anyone has any information and pictures to share, please contact Diane at 574-250-8498. We would love to include them.

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