Sid's Custom Lasering Brings the Latest Laser Technology to New Carlisle

Sid’s Custom Lasering is excited to announce their new custom laser engraving and cutting business.

“Starting a new business is always a bit frightening,” said Sid Meyers, owner. “But when we looked at the increased demand for customization on so many products, starting a laser engraving business is just such an exciting opportunity for us!”

Sid’s Custom Lasering features custom engraving of any items you have, all created on their new Epilog Laser engraving and cutting system.

With the ability to work on a variety of materials including acrylic, wood, fabric, plastic, glass and more, the laser equipment allows Sid’s Custom Lasering to easily and quickly customize your wedding gift, trophy, plaques, ornaments, or signage. The sky is the limit!

“From traditional awards and plaques, to customizing your laptop covers and other electronics, we will be able to provide our customers with the most detailed engraving results,” said Meyers.

“The versatility and convenience of the laser system help us provide better products and services to our customers.”

For more information, visit our Facebook page, “Sid’s Custom Lasering”. Owner Sid Meyers can be contacted at 574-229-0107 or by email at

We have owned and operated a craft business for 15 years. After being out of it for 3 years, we found that we missed not only the creativity in crafting, but the great people we meet along the way.

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